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Web Development

At Infoston Technologies, we offer a comprehensive range of web development .

  • * Static Website
  • * Dynamic Website
  • * Web App Development
  • * E-Commerce Website
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    Why Choose Infoston?

    Heres why people choose choose to work with infoston

    We treat you like a partner and build on your vision by showing you new possibilities and alternative that suit you better.

    Brainstorming and Ideation

    We build and strategize solutions based on your vision so that you have all the options before moving forward with your project.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Your satisfaction is our very first priority. If you have any concern about your game, we are here to solve them in every possible manner with flexibility.

    24/7 communication

    We are always there for you through Email, Call, or Skype.


    Lets build a solution that fulfills your dream. With an experienced and talented team, you can build precisely what you need.

    Start your project right away!

    Time is of the essence. Lets talk today and see what we can do with your vision.

    Our Development Process

    We follow a streamlined agile development process to deliver high-quality web apps on time and budget. This iterative approach allows us to deliver web apps tailored to your specific needs, with continuous improvements based on user feedback.


    This involves understanding the clients needs, defining project goals and requirements and creating a project plan.


    Code the web app and integrate necessary third-party tools or APIs for enhanced functionality and performance.


    Conduct various tests to ensure the security and functionality of the web app.


    Develop wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to create a visual representation of the web app UI/UX.


    Launch the web application and monitor its performance, making necessary updates to ensure optimal functionality.


    Ensure optimal performance and security through maintenance, upgrades, and new feature addit

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